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The end of frustrating technical support calls

IT Helpdesk Services - Minneapolis, St. Paul, Bloomington

When you call a manufacturer’s technical support line, the representative you speak with has no idea how your business works or what kind of IT environment you have – so how can they possibly provide you support you need in an IT emergency?

With Helpdesk services from Coordinated Business Systems, you can rely on our staff of professionals to provide personalized, expert advice, and support for your unique organization.

Say goodbye to unnecessary wait times and the runaround for technical support, and maximize your productivity with expert Helpdesk services from Coordinated Business Systems.

Helpdesk services from Coordinated Business Systems are:

  • Local – all staff are employees of DNS, not outsourced
  • Expert – our many certifications mean professional service and experience
  • Flexible – we offer support for organizations small to large
  • Friendly – we’re dedicated to making the resolution process pleasant

Helpdesk services from Coordinated Business Systems provide your business with improved response time, round-the-clock support and comprehensive reporting for all of your IT needs. Your business can only perform at the level your IT does, so why not ensure both operate at the peak of excellence?

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